Looking for sex education that is engaging, honest, and fun? Well, I'm your woman. 


My workshops are geared toward giving the audience practical tools. Every class includes audience participation, time for questions, and focuses on empowering attendees to take charge of their sexual health.

I'm also available for podcasts, panels, and any other mediums looking to talk about sex!

Here are my current workshop offerings. If these don't fit what you're looking for, shoot an email to bettiebullet@gmail.com to discuss a custom workshop.


Practical Poly Toolbox

Tired of generic advice for open relationships? Yes, communication is key, but how exactly do you do that? What ways are there to combat jealousy? Join Bettie Bullet to get into the nitty gritty of navigating multiple relationships. We'll talk about real techniques for handling tough feelings, negotiating boundaries, and reacting to the unforeseeable. Sharing your own tools is highly encouraged!

Now You're Speaking My Love Language

Ever feel like your partner isn't hearing you? Doting on your lover, but it seems to fall flat? The problem may be that you're not speaking the same "love language." In this interactive class, we'll talk about the theory in the 5 Love Languages book by Gary Chapman. We'll learn how to type ourselves and our loved ones, talk about miscommunication, and brainstorm loving actions. Fun, open, and interactive, participants will walk out with a better understanding of how to deliberately love their partners better.

Sex Positive Language

If we want to promote a sex positive culture, we need to talk the talk. We need to eradicate the underlying sexist and oppressive ways we talk about sex, sometimes without even realizing it. In this workshop we'll examine problematic language surrounding sex and suggest better alternatives.

Sex Mythbusting

Think you know sex inside and out? Put your knowledge to the test in this class that combines sex education and subversive crafting. Audience participation is encouraged as we play with hula hoop hymens and giant foreskins. Come out to the most fun sex ed class you'll ever attend.