Sex Ed Burlesque is an annual variety show exploring topics of sexuality, gender, consent, and communication. The show's foundation is built on respect for the performers, sex positivity, and intersectional feminism. It curates some of the best poets, comedians, and burlesque performers from Atlanta and surrounding cities. To date our raffles have raised over $700 for Feminist Women's Health Center!

Check out this testimonial from Jonathan:

"What a wonderful night. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. We went for my wife's Birthday and she had a blast.

What a talented group of artists and performers with such skill and presence. You're all god damned gorgeous wizards on stage. From dance to spoken word to the removal of articles of clothing and such, everything was terrific. The message behind the night was exceptional and, at times, quite moving.

For the women I grew up with, who struggled with image and society's demand of them and their bodies: I thank you. For my late cousin Dennis, cast out by religious zealots in our family for loving someone who didn't match their ridiculous standards, and whom we lost to AIDS; I thank you for him, too."

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